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I need to make this point again, because people tend to believe what they want to believe.

I was physically present on the Triond Forum when The Whitehouse Insider was created.

If this was a legal case, I could take the stand and swear, and none of those involved with the creation of The Whitehouse Insider would contradict. For they knew I was there.

I hammer home this point because people tend to believe fabrication sand scams over truth.

To this day people still believe that The Whitehouse Insider was true. It was not. Not one word was true.

Those who invented the stories would do a tiny bit of research so that they would not be describing something in Florida when President Obama was in California, or claiming he was at a particular dinner when he was elsewhere.

But the substance of the various stories run under the Title Whitehouse Insider were complete fabrication.

If millions of Americans could believe the White House Insider, how easy it is to fool people.


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