Teenager is California giving back to her community

Jordan Pickett, 17, who is currently a student at Clovis North Educational Center in Fresno California learned the art of giving back to her community when she had a chat with her adviser Laura Mahoney the lesson of learning how to give back to her community which would be better than being a straight student in college.

Jordan with the help of Clovis North tennis player Billy Schulz who is her classmate taught Jordan the art of restringing tennis rackets so they could be sent to the Boys And Girls Club in the Fresno area so children who cannot afford to buy tennis rackets as well as tennis balls, clothing and not to mention tennis lessons.

Jordan so far has 60 tennis rackets that she wants to restring so the tennis rackets can be sent to charities so children who like to play tennis can get their chance to play a game like bowling and golf is a sport that can be played from childhood to an elderly age for fun or competition.

So far Jordan has restrung 16 tennis rackets which take about a period of 45 minutes for each racket. What I like about Jordan is that loves the game of tennis so much that she plans to play the sport of tennis into her days as being a senior citizen since she has seen senior citizens of both genders play the game of tennis a s a form of exercise as well as fun.

It is a very nice gesture of Jordan to resting tennis rackets that were donated by tennis players who had no more need for tennis rackets that ran their course.

It is evident that Jordan has been raised correctly by the people in her life from her parents to her school advisers that is best to give back to your community as a form of passing the torch to the next generation of young kids who cannot afford to buy the equipment to play tennis.

Tennis along with golf and bowling are my favorite sports to watch on television since it requires the use of a very sharp mind to play these kinds of sports that are beneficial for exercise and fun to compete.


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