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Run, Son, Run!


Last week, Tottenham forward Son Heung-min received the award for Asian footballer of the year for being the best soccer player last year from the continent of Asia.  Yesterday, he proved why Son is considered one of the best soccer players in the world.

In Tottenham Hotspur’s 5-0 home victory over Burnley, Son’s goal will be a contender for goal of the year.  In the 32nd minute, Burnley was threatening to score, but a long pass into the penalty area was broken up by Tottenham defender Jan Vertonghen.  The ball deflected to Son who was looking to clear the ball out of danger.

Before he could pass the ball, Son realized that he had a little bit of space to run with the ball.  As he is running with the ball, Son is looking to pass the ball to a teammate, but Burnley kept their defensive posture by blocking all passing lanes.  Son felt two defenders nipping at his heels, so he decided to kick into another gear.  He dekes a defender at the halfway line and cleared the last defender a few yards later.  He outraced two more defenders and put the ball into the net.  Burnley needs to bring in some faster players before January 31.


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    • Yes, they do. A different coach brings in new ideas for the players. I apologize about the video. This video won’t play for you because of YouTube’s policy of some videos not being able to be played in different countries. You will have to find a video on YouTube that will play in your country.

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