Serge Gnabry Scores Twice For Bayern vs. Chelsea


As expected, Bayern Munich defeated a depleted Chelsea squad 3-0 in the first leg of the UEFA Champions League Knockout Round of 16 at Stamford Bridge in London.  Bayern winger Serge Gnabry was the catalyst because he was the main reason why Munich scored all three of their goals in the second half.

On the first goal, he intercepted a pass near the middle of the field and worked a give-and-go for the first goal.  On the second goal, he received a long pass from goalkeeper Manuel Neuer a few minutes later and put the ball into the net.  On the last goal, he sent a pass in to Robert Lewandowski to give Bayern three road goals against Chelsea.

Chef Gnabry always stirs the pot when he is in London.  During the Group Stage, he scored four goals against Tottenham Hotspur in London.  All six of his goals were scored in London.  His vendetta against London is that Arsenal gave up on him after an injury.  Now, he has arguably become the best soccer player in Germany.  God has a sense of humor; the best soccer player in Germany is of African descent.


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    • The new owners in England are from foreign entities. Chelsea will be back next season when their one year ban is done. They already signed Ziyech from Ajax for next season, and they will sign more players. Whoever is coaching Lyon is a genius.

        • Yeah, he helped Ajax get to the quarterfinals last season. Lampard will be managing there for a while now. They will be back on track if they qualify for Champions League for next season. With Gnabry, Arsenal gave up on him too early. Plus, they had him playing as a defender instead of an outside winger.

          • Materazzi made fun of the sister of Zidane, it was confirmed. Materazzi provoked Zidane, and Zidane told him “Do you want my T-shirt” as he was a star and then Materazzi told him “I prefer the t-shirt of your sister” Zidane then made the famous action and got the read card. But you cannot say France would have defeated Italy with Zidane as Italy was a very good defensive team in 2006. What is more, France won the World Cup in 1998 but no in 2002. Brazil won in 2002. Zidane would have not won a second world cup in a row.

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