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Grêmio 0-0 Internacional – Copa Libertadores Group Stage fight


Gremio and Internacional are two of the best teams in Brazilian professional soccer.  Their rivalry has increased even more this season due to them being in the same group in the Group Stage of Copa Libertadores.  The game ended up being a nil-nil draw, but two fights at the end of the match resulted in four red cards for both teams.  Those eight players will be ineligible to play in the next Group Stage match.

In the 85th minute of an intense match, the Internacional defender took down the Gremio attacker in a rough fashion for no particular reason.  They were near the out of bounds line, so there was no way the attacker would have potentially scored from that position.  Once he was down on the ground, his Gremio teammates retaliated to start the first brawl.  

The referees sort of had it under control by awarding red cards to two players on each team to keep everything fair.  However, things went haywire when the bench players started a brawl.


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