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Greeting with swords by oscarps

The sport sword is one of the three weapons used in fencing along with the foil and the sword. It is a lunge weapon where the headgear is only valid if it is carried out with the tip of the weapon, where an electronic sensor is located that detects it. It consists of a handle, which can be French or anatomical; A bowl and the leaf, which is of triangular section. The sword duels are the most faithful to classic fencing and, therefore, the most realistic: they have a valid area of headdress throughout the body and in them only the chronological order between one headdress and another, with the possibility of counting Double headdresses, without convention norms.

This weapon of French origin, which has evolved from the ropera sword, can not cut but is light, rigid due to its triangular section, being excellent for avoiding blows and giving lunges. They are the swords that are usually seen in the movies of musketeers. Although its main function was to be part of the dress, the sprat was a deadly weapon in duels.


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