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Finals of the European Basketball Championships in Belgrade Spain-France

The finals of the European Championships for basketball in Belgrade. Spain’s basketball players defended gold at the European Championship, having won in France in the “Stark Arena” finals in 86:66 (32:21, 18:15, 20:20, 16 : 10).

Marta Shargay was the most effective because she scored 23 points in the final, Silvia Domingez scored 13, and  Laja Palau  scored 12.
In the French team, Gruda scored 18, one added Hartley less.

The Spanish team showed the most and earned a championship cup.

Their semi-finals with the Serbian team for quality can be considered as the final match of the championship.

Teams from Serbia and Great Britain have met in the third place broker.

The bronze medal to win by the national team of Serbia by winning the victory against Great Britain from 81:55

 MVP championship is from Spain  Ndur. In the ideal five, the Serb and Sonja Petrovic. 

addition to her there are two other players from Spain (Hrgaj, Ndur), as well as Frenchman Gruda and from Great Britain  Febengli.

The championship is impeccably organized, without an incident.

source all  photos: MNPress

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