FIFA 2018; Uruguay beat Portugal for the quarter-finals

FIFA World Cup 2018: The second match of the Football World Cup pre-quarter final, Uruguay defeated Portugal for quarter final. In the seventh minute of the start of the match, Uruguay’s Edinsons scored a magnificent goal for his team. In the second half in the 55th minute, Portugal’s Peipe scored a goal and level the match.

In the 62th minute of the match, Uruguay striker Edenson was once again able to smash Portuguese goal keeper, and scored another goal and take lead of 2-1 which remained till the end of the match. Portugal’s star Chris Cristiano Ronaldo could not spell the match and his magic could not work this time and his team got out of the World Cup race by scoring defeat in the pre-quarter final.

In the first match of the pre-gutter final, France beat Argentina by 4-3 and Argentina became out of the World Cup. No star player like Messie even perform well, all star player’s magic badly failed during the FIFA World Cup.


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