Erickson Lubin deserves a rematch at some point

I do believe that Erickson Lubin deserves a rematch against Jermell Charlo at some point, even though he was knocked out in the first round, but if I were a betting man I would not bet on him being victorious against Jermell. Sure, Erickson is young and capable of switching his entire approach up going into a second fight against Jermell, but who is to believe that Erickson will not get knocked out in the second or third round instead. With his embarrassing first round loss, I imagine that it will replay inside of his head, even though he has looked very good in his previous fights. Jermell brings a different type of energy in comparison to Erickson, who at the time was very cocky admist their build up.

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  1. He should go after that WBO belt first against Patrick Teixeira. That would be the easiest route to grab a belt at 154 instead of fighting against Charlo or Jeison Rosario. He whooped J-Rock so bad that Julian Williams decided not to use the immediate rematch clause.


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