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2019 NFL Draft Review – New York Jets

The New York Jets have languished in aghast mediocrity for this decade.  Hopefully, a new coach will bring some excitement to the team.  Who am I kidding?  He definitely brings new vision to the Jets the way that his eyeballs move around whenever he is under any semblance of pressure.  The players that were drafted by the Jets will look to keep Coach Adam Gase’s eyeballs in their sockets.  His last name is Gase and he is gazing everywhere for a turnaround.  Let’s take a look at who New York drafted.

Round 1, Pick 3:  Quinnen Williams, DT, Alabama.  6’3″, 303 lbs.  The Jets seem to draft a defensive lineman with their first round pick without ever finding a true fit.  Nevertheless, that trend should end with the drafting of Williams, the best defensive tackle in the draft.

Round 3, Pick 4:  Jachal Polite, DE, Florida.  6’3″, 258 lbs.  Polite politely dropped to the third round because he was injured last season and only played five games.  However, in those five games, he had 11 sacks!  If he can stay healthy, then he will be able to pressure opposing quarterbacks.

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Round 3, Pick 29:  Chuma Edoga, T, USC.  6’3″, 308 lbs.  Edoga will compete for the right tackle starting spot.  At the very least, he adds offensive line depth.

Round 4, Pick 19:  Trevon Wesco, TE, West Virginia.  6’3″, 267 lbs.  Wesco is a very good run blocker at the tight end pos

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ition so he will see plenty of time in the rotation to assist the line in the run game.

Round 5, Pick 19:  Blake Cashman, LB, Minnesota.  6’1″, 237 lbs.  Cashman will add depth at inside linebacker and at special teams due to his toughness and his tackling ability.

Round 6, Pick 24:  Blessuan Austin, CB, Rutgers.  6’1″, 198 lbs.  Austin dropped to the seventh round due to knee injuries, but his height is what teams are looking for at corner to defend against taller receivers in the NFL.  He will be given a chance to develop.

Grade:  D+.  The Jets fired their GM after this draft.  If they did not think that their draft was good, then why should I put their draft grade on a pedestal?

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