Whales & Dolphins tour – part 3

I have quite a lot of photos to go through, and it needs several experiences to get great photos of whales and dolphins.

Im sorry I have been out 3 times and never seen a whale up close. Im looking forward to the time that comes and I believe it will, but I don’t know when.

Whales and dolphins are special creatures in the marine world and here is just a few more photos.

#1 Gannet Dive

Im certain this gannet will catch a fish, one of it's many fish of the day. I have sold this photo to some one.

A lucky shot. 

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#2 Fishermen in their boat

Im not sure if they caught anything but the gannets and dolphins aren't far away. I believe that gannets, whales and dolphins are better catchers of fish, except the trawlers, and I don't like trawlers much. The fish don't have much chance. None. 

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#3 A couple of Gannets

Here we go, these gannets are seeking fish and are some of the best at catching them. Their speed of flight is impressive.

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#4 Dolphin

This is another expert at catching fish, and it's not far away, it also likes to travel with our boat. Dolphins are magnificent animals and expert swimmers. 

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#5 Lucky Shot

This is a petrel shearwater bird and its the only shot I have been able to get of this bird. Maybe, better luck next time. I certainly would love to know more about them. It is a bird with a purpose, probably interested in getting fish for dinner!

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