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Wake up! It is sunrise!

One has had a sound sleep. It is now the time to wake up. We wake up to a very brilliant sunrise.

When we sleep at times we do not have peace. Night comes with the awakening of dark spirits. When one is sick then it is time for the sickness to increase. When sunrise appears is time for great relief.

Sunrise is a great time. It is a time for new awakening. Awakening to the beauty of the day. It is more beauty in the morning when the sun rises lazily from its sleep. It casts its warming golden rays that soothes and makes beautiful images.

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Written by stbrians


  1. The greatest thing in the world. There is such a wise and very faithful thought: “If you do something great, something wonderful – do not expect anyone to appreciate it. The most magnificent thing in this world is the sunrise, and 99% of people still sleep at that time. “