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Waipu River Mouth Wildlife Reserve

On last Sunday one wonderful place I visited was this Waipu River Mouth Reserve.  No one is allowed to take dogs here, but there are other more suitable places to take dogs in Waipu.

In New Zealand much of our wildlife and native species have been destroyed by imported species, like stoats, weasels, ferrets and rats and mice. Even the imported deer have had a hand in the destruction. Cats and dogs don’t help either, as much of our bird life had no defence against these intruders. The list of intruders extend to opposums, wallabies,  rabbits, goats and invasive plants like gorse. Having mention “Gorse” it saved my bacon once when I accidentally fell down a 50 foot cliff. So it does have its uses.

This has the potential to be a bird watchers paradise.

#1 View of Northern Whangarei Heads

To get here, you drive down a gravel road to the end and this is what you see.

There is sand Dunes across the river and then sea and then the North Whangarei Heads.

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#2 View Continued

Sand Dune to the right, in the centre faded you can see some traces of Marsden Oil Refinery in the mist and on the right the Northern Whangarei heads.

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#3 A Panaramic view of the structure of this river mouth

Im fascinated by an unusual view of grass growing by the sea. 

Its quite flat and calm today. 

You can still see the Northern Whangarei heads

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#4 Looking South

Along the South side of the Waipu River Mouth Reserve you get this view.

Its in Waipu country side and there are farms close by as well. 

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Written by Pamela Moresby