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Trust yourself rather than others. A Fountain Story

On a dense tree of a garden, a fountain made a knife, in which she used to live with her children all day long and used to stir them too. She was very happy because these children’s hair steps were also coming out. One day, his children told him about a big problem; “Mother its look like that our knife will be ruin, today the owner of this garden came here with his son and he was telling him that now the time to break the fruit, tomorrow I will bring my friends together. And with this they will break the fruit of this tree. I have trouble with my arm so that can not work alone, I need help from my friends “

“It does not matter,” he said. “Do not worry, tomorrow he will not come here with his friend, nor will he break the fruit.” And then the owner of the same garden really did not come, nor his friend Arrived there So many days passed so a feast came to the garden again. At the same time, there was no child with his children. He stood under the tree and said, “My friends did not fulfill their promise. Therefore, I have not broken the fruit from here, but I will definitely do this tomorrow, because this time the promise has come to pass. “When he returned back, his children told him to the point of view, he said to his father,” Be careful. Do not be, because this does not mean that he will come, or his friends will come. “So on this day, the same day passes, and the owner of the garden does not come there, nor a friend of his friend. The fortunate children were now very satisfied. A few days later, the owner of the garden arrived there with his sons and standing under the tree, and say, “My friends are only friends of the name, they have no sympathy with me. So far, many promises have been torn apart but now I do not need their help. Tomorrow itself I will break the fruit of the tree together with you all. Anyway, I should trust myself instead of trusting others, that’s better. “When Fountain heard this, she said in trouble.

“Briefly we will have to go away from here immediately. Unless the owner of the garden was trusting others, he was not working but today he intends to break himself while trusting himself, then he will surely succeed, so we have to go away from here, Then he took his children along with flying.

Moral :- Trust yourself rather than Others.

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