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Thoughts about Chemistry

My first course ever of this subject was my sophomore year of college. This is a course that is very interesting with the periodic table of elements, the famous chemists whether male or female from Marie Curie and her husband to figuring mathematical calculations of all types. I was able to learn more about protons, neutrons and electrons and the many configurations of the elements presented in that famous table we pretty much had to learn whether in high school or college.

In dealing with protons, neutrons and electrons students learned about each of the atomic numbers and atomic weights of each of these elements. I also learned more about the electron configurations of the elements. The fun part of this subject was the lab assignments and learning how chemicals can and cannot be combined. Chemistry teaches us that chemicals are everywhere in the food we eat, the air we breathe and the things we wear from the clothes, makeup and the medications we need to let us stay healthy.

Chemistry is a course beyond the calculations that are manifested throughout the course, but one of inspiration and wonder for those who can actually take those mathematical calculations and make perfume or colonge or even a good tasting toothpaste for all of us to use. Without this subject or the chemists we would be living in an unsafe world. Chemists in dealing with food and nutrition found ways to keep food fresh while some chemists work on how our bodies work and how to improve our physical well-being. Chemistry is a world of desire for learning and helping others in many other ways as well.


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Written by 1Mark


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