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The calm after the storm.

It had been raining all day today.  As I left for my morning job at 6:30am it was raining as I was walking to work.  And it was still raining as I walked back home at 8:30am.  It did not stop raining all day.  I couldn’t even take the dog out for a walk as he hates going out in that sort of weather.  Thankfully I had nothing to do all day, so I decided to stay in.

I had to leave for my evening job at 4:15pm though.  But, by the grace of God, it had stopped raining.  As I walked to work, I took this photo of the sun setting behind this electricity station.  There are clouds in the sky, but the orange sun can be seen setting in the background.  I was glad it stayed dry as I walked to work, as no sooner did I get there, it started raining again.  Thankfully, I was able to get a lift home so didn’t get wet.  God is good!


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