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Tell me my white cloud

This is a song-song dedicated to the Bulgarian emigrants around the world. It was performed by the French singer of Bulgarian origin Silvi Vurtan. After her firing the audience from the whole hall got to her feet to applaud her weeping. I hope the translation is good to understand the meaning of the song.

Tell me my white cloud,

where did you come from?

did not you see my father’s courts?

and did not hear the mother speak?

What makes my child kind,

with strangers, foreign bread?

you tell her a white cloud,

that you live and healthy here you see me.

And it brings her a lot of health.

A lot of mine, a little left,

approaching in a village to come back,

to return my mother to hug.

© Elenka Smilenova 2018 – All Rights Reserved


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Written by lacho59