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Sulcata Tortoise (2017-08-04 15-10-05a)

Order Testudines : Suborder Cryptodira : Family Testudinidae : Centrochelys sulcata (AKA African Spurred Tortoise

The Sulcata Tortoise is the third largest species of tortoise in the world. It can reach 33 inches in length and weigh 230 pounds. Only the Galapagos Tortoise and the Aldabra Giant Tortoise get larger. Despite that, they can be kept as pets. If you watched the early episodes of the television series Rizolli & Isles, Isles has a pet Sulcata Tortoise named  Bass after an anthropologist she admired. If you do get one as a pet, it just might outlive you. They can get to be 150 years old.

The photo was taken at the Ecology Center at Ladd Arboretum which is located at 2024 McCormick Boulevard in Evanston, Illinois. I used ACDSee Ultimate 10.4 to crop the image in order to frame it better, adjust the lighting, boost the contrast, boost the vibrance and adjust the white balance (reduce temperature and tint).

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