A story of an 11-year-old child “My Forest – My Relationship to Nature”.

“The forest is perhaps the only place that connects us with nature and shows us what the world was like, thousands of years ago, when people preferred to warm with dry twigs and did not cut the trees indiscriminately.

Now civilization has advanced and prefers to build another skyscraper, another factory, instead of enjoying the fresh air coming from each plant. Instead of going around the big shops, one can go to the woods and “buy” something really useful – the clean and pleasant air, and the feeling of freedom in nature.

Where I live – Brabrano, the air is perfectly clean. This is due to seven small forests located in different parts of the village. As you go out, take a deep breath and enjoy its purity and freshness and the aroma of wildflowers. ”

Annie Koutseva, 11 years old, village of Hrabrio

I was delighted with what a child wrote and decided to share with you.

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