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Stars of the Tree of Life on my balcony

Once planted for 2 years, it pleased me with my first beautiful white stars. It will now provide you with more information about it.

Tree of Life – Crassula ovata

Tree of Life – Crassula ovata comes from South Africa. You can also meet him under other names – Tree of Life, Fat Mara and Krasula Arborescen. It is a perennial perennial plant with thick, waxy leaves with a slight reddish tinge. Can be grown as a miniature tree as it reaches a height of up to 2.80 m. It blooms in winter, the colors are white or pink.

Sprinkle the plant sparingly and fertilize it only once a month. In winter, when the flower is in a resting phase, watering should almost cease. The best finger is generally humus. The plant should be regularly cleaned from the dried and fallen leaves and also checked for pests.

Tree of Life – Crassula ovata loves bright, sunny places. However, if you put it on a southern window, you must adapt it to something that shaves through the summer heat. From May you can safely take the pot on a terrace or in a garden, as there is no danger to the plant. In winter, however, put it in a warm place in a place where the temperature does not fall below 10 degrees. Shifting from a shady place to a bright place should be done gradually so that it does not affect the leaves. Transplanted every 2 years.

Reproduction is done by cutting or lean cuttings. The cuttings are dried and rooted in peat-sandy soil. Planting should be done in the early spring.

To keep the leaves deep green, do not keep it in direct sunlight to avoid fading.

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