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Beauty Through All Seasons V Part

Flowers are that piece of nature that, without hesitation, takes people with them even in their ever-agitated world. They are probably making those that the flowers are a material reflection of the human soul

As most of you know I adore flowers. You can shoot them all the seasons. In spring, people know me because I visit their gardens. I trust now and let me go even in my locked yards. And in the winter when the flowers outside is hard to find them. Then I go to the flower shops. When they see me, they no longer ask me as a customer, “What will you love?” But there is a smile with which they tell me You can shoot everything you like. “This trust in people makes me happy and let me make people happy with my flower pictures, this will be my series dedicated to the flawless beauty of the color. Enjoy yourself, too, because it is always different, not repetitive.

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Written by lacho59