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Smarjetna mountain is a popular excursion and sightseeing point

Since there is still a good, warm weather in Slovenia today, I went to the nearby Smarjeta mountain. It was a pleasant, relaxing walk in nature, it was just right for me to do something for my health. Smarjetna mountain has always been a popular excursion destination for an ideal vacation from the city’s hustle and bustle.

Smarjetna mountain with its 646 meters above sea level rises above Kranj and has always been a popular excursion point for an ideal break from the city bustle. At the top there are the Church of Sv. Marjeta and Hotel Bellevue. In the summer there are tables and deck chairs on the terrace. In clear weather there is a wonderful view of Kranj and its nearby and far surroundings and mountains.

There is also a playground for children so that parents can enjoy a comfortable lounge with a refreshing drink in your hand. The hotel also organizes weddings, entertainment evenings, etc. I spent a wonderful afternoon.


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  1. Smarjetna mountain seems right to serve as an excursion point for an ideal break from the city bustle, beautiful, quiet, fun and gives a lot of freshness. I compare it to the “Kawasan Puncak (means: peak area)” a kind of this place which is the nearest area of Jakarta, the city where I live. Hmmm… with a distance of just about 70 km should be taken at least 5 hours on a regular holiday and 8-9 hours on a long vacation. This is a great post with wonderful pictures, Vidocka.