Capitalism catches up with Monsanto

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The best thing about capitalism is that when a company begins to lose the trust of the people, then there are other options from other corporations that manufacture the same product.

For example, take a look at Monsanto.  Thousands of users of their weed killer Roundup has contracted cancer.  Farmers have experienced entire crop yields wiped out due to their pesticide dicamba drifting into their fields.  Farmers do not want cancer.  Farmers want their crops to grow.

For the first time in agricultural history, Monsanto no longer has a stronghold on the sales of soybean seeds.  To compete with Monsanto after the agricultural giant was bought by Bayer, Dow and DuPont merged last year to form Corteva.  Corteva’s sales of soybean seeds will cut into profits from Monsanto this year.  That means that Monsanto will be experiencing a net loss along with a massive amount of litigation for 2020.


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