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Roses Continue to Bloom

Each year I am amazed at how long the pink roses in Dustin’s memorial garden continue to bloom.We are at the end of September and into the fall season and I still have blooms to enjoy.

Now I need to incorporate my Dad in with Dustin’s garden. I will find a special flower or plant just for him. It helps to have their presence around me, now more than ever. I believe there is more to life than we can see. Belief and hope are what get me through each day.


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Written by Carol DM


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  1. If I Could Fly – Helloween

    No fear, no pain
    Nobody left to blame
    I’ll try alone
    Make destiny my own
    I learn to free my mind
    Myself I now must find
    Once more
    Once more
    If I could fly
    Like the king of the sky
    Could not tumble nor fall
    I would picture it all
    If I could fly
    See the world through my eyes
    Would not stumble nor fail
    To the heavens I sail
    If I could fly
    So here I am
    In solitude I stand
    I’ve got dreams inside
    I need to realize
    My faith has grown
    No fear of the unknown
    No more

  2. I support the idea that your father is in Dustin’s garden. And these are special roses for you only Carol. At this time of year you know that roses are almost gone. Just courageous. And favorite activities that even for a little while will make you think of negative things. Courage and force dear friend.

  3. You are a very strong woman, Carol. I greatly admire your perseverance. I know you will find an appropriate way of combining your loving memory of your Dad with that of Dustin, and I hope you’ll share it with us at some point 🙂


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