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Random Shots

Here are some random photos from my “Photos”

A natural New Zealand selection. Every year I create my own photographic calendars, New Zealand scenic, New Zealand Birds and Natural New Zealand. I sometimes make up a calendar of my husband’s art work. I may even extend the selection

I made up the calendars because one year they just didn’t have the images or photos I wanted and I decided to do it myself.

So here are a few photos that may or may not make the calendar for 2018. I will have plenty of work to do yet.

Here is a random lot of photos with 5 different photos.

I like just about everything here.

#2 Lilly in “The Winter Gardens” The Auckland Domain

There are 2 very large glass houses in the Auckland Domain, which is right next to Auckland public Hospital.

The Domain is a huge park and this is inside these glass houses, part of the "Winter Gardens". They have been around since the early 1930s.

The temperature is very hot, in one of the glass houses.

Plus in one of the glass houses there is a pond with gold fish, Carp.  Several ponds with carp infant. 

Haven't been here for a while so will go again soon when I can. 


What do you think?

Written by Pamela Moresby


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    • Thanks Elenka, You could make up calendars for gifts to go overseas. I see some New Zealand calendars in the shops, and I think my calendars are better.
      Where you live, you take everything for granted around you. Well, I did until I realise the earth is huge and there are different places all over the world.
      Takes time to do it though!


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