Questioning Psycho-Therapy – 7

People who were abused as children show signs of it.

The child who doesn’t want to go to Grandpa’s house, becoming almost hysterical. The teenager who is afraid of boys and avoids all forms of interaction. The child who runs away from home, who tells a teacher or a neighbour or another relative.

People who were abused as children are aware of it, and although they may suppress the memories, they show signs of the problem.

Lil showed no sign. She had grown up in her family, part of her family. She had married a man without problem, there was no sexual event. She had gotten divorced, and began another relationship. She  was living with a man, then that relationship ended.

Lil considered there two failed relationships  and assumed something was wrong with her.

The first therapist decided she had been sexually abused by her father. This was not obtained via a few questions, by an examination of Lil’s life, by anything at all. And Lil was resisted this idea until the use of psychotropic drugs and hypnotism.

This ‘sudden adult memory of childhood abuse’ should have raised warnings, but did not.  And it was only five years later, that consulting another therapist that the fact was revealed; Lil was never abused as a child.  Her problem was the incredibly high standards she set.

By this time, her father was dead, her mother blamed her, all her friends were gone, and her lawsuit was successful.

As have been the law suits of many other people.

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