Questioning Psycho-Therapy – 8

Years ago, I became intrigued about how someone can be so dead sure of something which wasn’t true. It happened in a Court Room. A woman gave evidence how T. had broken into her home, and stolen various objects. She was totally unshakeable, becoming more certain every question she was asked the T had done the crime.

At the time of the Crime, T was in Prison in another Parish. This evidence was given by the Superintendent of the Prison. There was no question where T was the months before and the months after the crime.

What intrigued me was the certainty of the so-called eye witness.

I began to to research and came across ‘False Memory Syndrome’ as well as a slurry of cases which were brought by patients against their therapist for creating absolutely false memories of events that never happened.

A psychiatrist, Dr. Elizabeth Loftus was also intrigued and began her investigations.  She ran a number of ‘tests’  in America.

If you go to certain universities in America the faculty can not differentiate between a Lab Rat and an Undergraduate.

Hence many Undergrads were given false memories; i.e as to the colour of a car seen in a film of a robbery, or being lost in a mall as a child.

This creation of False Memories has led to a large number of cases brought against psychotherapists for creating memories of things that did not happen, and causing a great deal of grief.

What people need to do is question. Question the ‘findings’ of their therapist especially when it comes to childhood trauma.

Do not accept the determination of a person who doesn’t know you, doesn’t know your family, doesn’t know anything about you, save what you say to them. How do they know anything about you? If you tell them you are afraid of lizards they may be able to uncover where and when and how you first developed that fear. But if last week you picked up a lizard by his tail and put him outside, then you are not afraid of lizards.

What do you think?

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