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One Tip for Better Photography

This one is one tip, but it has several factors, so I decided to talk about just one this time.

As I have said in my other articles about photography tips, I am not a pro, and I am sure there are mistakes I have made in every one of my photos, but these tips help get photos noticed, while others seem to sit and get no views, likes or shares.

I hope this helps.

Landscape Composition: Before you break the rules, learn about them.

I have talked about the “Rule of Thirds” and how you divide your image into 9 equal sections, and placing the subject or subjects along those lines. It is more pleasing to the eye plain and simple.

Now I want to talk about “Horizon Lines”. Follow the rule of thirds and always put your horizon line on the bottom  two thirds of the frame or the top two thirds of the frame. Figure out what you want to focus on, the sky or the landscape? In the following I have focused on the sky verses the landscape or seascape in this instance.

Below I have focused on the sea. Bringing the foam and wave into view. Although there is a slight bow to the horizon.

In the one below, I focused on that red sky and the sun and clouds. 

The surfer girl couldn’t be left out so in the one below, she got focus.

Another handy tip is to check the Horizon Line for Levelness.

A crooked horizon lines will really take away from a photo, unless it is done on purpose. Make sure you try to get the horizon line level before you click, if you try it post production some of the photo is cropped.

Crooked vs Level: Crooked makes it look like the water will spill out of the bottom right corner.

Level looks better. It is more pleasing to the eye.


Versus Level 

I hope this helps. Happy Snapping!


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