New lawsuit from Missouri against Monsanto


Over the past few years, the lawsuits placed against Monsanto have been due to the weed killer RoundUp causing non-Hodgkins lymphoma cancer in the plantiffs.  Despite of this history, Bayer bought Monsanto one year ago.  Now, Bayer’s stock has dropped 50% within a year because they have to pay out the losses they are experiencing in the courtroom.

Earlier this week, the law firm Gray, Ritter, and Graham in Missouri has filed a class-action lawsuit against Monsanto for not placing a warning label about its product causing cancer on its products.  The firm believes that Monsanto is financially responsible due to its deceptive practices.  If Bayer loses this case, then basically anyone in the entire world would be able to sue Monsanto even if that particular person has never used RoundUp.  This case could be a worldwide jackpot at the expense of Bayer and Monsanto.


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