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Masterpiece of nature, the most beautiful spider

American experts discovered the most beautiful spider, which is as colorful as a peacock and has the ability to dance like peacock.

The spider, nicknamed ‘Peacock’ by National Geographic, says the spider has beautiful colors and the ability to dance. She also dances differently by shaking her legs, stinging, though her speed is several times higher than that of ordinary spiders. University of California professor Madeline Gerrard and her team discover this spider from Sydney. She said the spider was seen during the construction of a building.

Experts saved it in a box for further research on this spider. From which it was revealed that this is male spider that the spider of the opposite sex is not so beautiful.

The male spider, known as the peacock breed, performs the reproductive process only once in a lifetime, after which the female lays eggs and produce 25% of  children and among them very few grow. #Nature #Spider #Discovery #Peacock  


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