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Light for a heavy day – lunch with friends

Heavy Day Light – Veneta Mandeva

When the Prince does not find it

On the way your slipper,

When your flight stops

Traps, nets and traps,

When your chance changes

And congratulate you,

Because they see defamation-

Silent shadow behind you,

When your sword in battle

Breaks and so misleads,

When your Troy falls …

You remain a hope:


A friend in need is a friend indeed,

The friend beside you stands,

To your honor and your name.

The friend is irreplaceable!

Your favorite puts you in a cage

Or without a jealousy she is jealous,

And your brother even realizes

Your inheritance how much it costs,

Your enemy, you create yourself,

With your mind and your own glory,

The friend and them forgive-

He even envy does not know.

Friendship is open,

Though there is no laziness in it,

It looks straight into the eyes

And his signature does not scratch.

The friend is not ashamed,

That his feeling exists,

But who turns it into a secret-

He will deliver you at last.

Horatio is not critical

And Hamlet remembers, “He is with me!”

He can only love

And my opinion does not change.


With his hands hunting bullets,

In my friend.

But he will dull in words

Shaking arrows to me?

And I ask the dead poets

With cheated favorites

Why did they choose the gun,

Not the friend-for rhyme?

Do not lonely with him,

But it becomes somewhat more tolerant.

Horatio is my friend.

And I wonder if it is.


It’s good when you have friends. Do you agree with me. Few but faithful to the friend principle

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