Kingfisher Conference

Hard to know if they are Mr & Mrs Kingfisher or 2 Kingfishers sitting together looking for easy pickings of food to be gathered with their beak. They are in Cox’s Bay, Herne Bay Auckland, New Zealand. Sitting on a branch on mudflats of the Waitamata Harbour. Not all the Bays are of sand but some have mud silt.

Birds have a silent world of life on their own, but can’t help wondering what they are thinking at this time. These are known as “Sacred Kingfishers”. Their species is not threatened but they are native to New Zealand. They sit on powerlines or some spot, patiently waiting for prey so they can catch them and have dinner.

Kingfishers have a range of unmusical calls. The usual is the staccato key-kek-kek. They are occasionally caught by cats or die by crashing into windows. Sometimes the same burrow can be used for 20 years.


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Written by Pamela Moresby


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