How GMOs Benefit Farmers


There are three different ways genetically modified organisms (GMO) help farmers to gain larger profits.  The first way is that the seeds have been genetically modified so that the pesticides and herbicides used only kill the insects, animals, and weeds that harm the crops.  The second way is that GMO’s allow for farmers to utilize no-till farming, in which the crops are grown without causing erosion in the soil.  The final way is that the GMO’s are able to use less water than usual.

Notice in the video that the GMO’s only help the farmers; they do not help the consumers of these crops.  Since GMO’s are doused with pesticides, that means that the consumer are eating crops immersed in chemicals that could lead to nerve damage or cancer.  

Farming without tapping fully into the nutrients of the soil means that the crop lacks the nourishment necessary to meet the daily requirements for proper nutrition.  Processed food with GMO’s have led to the largest obesity rate throughout the entire world.  Since GMO crops need less water, they are harder for the body to break down and to digest.  This leads to more toxins remaining within your body.


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