Ease of Harvest


There are many reasons why farmers use genetically modified organism (GMO) canola seeds instead of regular canola seeds.

When the GMO canola grows, it matures in a way in which the farmer can harvest the crop easier than before.  The more time that is saved, the more things a farmer can do in order to increase profits.  

The GMO canola also has swathability.  Swathability is the ability of the crop to be harvested evenly in rows.  GMO canola grows faster than regular canola.  Normally, a canola seed needs about 3-4 months before harvest.  With GMO canola, a farmer could plant and harvest the crop three or four times a year.  That means more profits for the farmer.

The goal of GMOs is to help the farmer and not the consumer.  Therefore, if you eat anything that has been cooked with canola oil, then your body will feel the effects of being genetically modified.


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