How food is genetically modified


The amount of fields in the USA that produce crops that have been altered by genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) is at a whopping 99%.  However, the factors that are actually modified are not talked about that much publicly.  Let’s look at what is really altered.

There are five different factors in which food products are genetically modified.  These factors are nutrition, disease resistance, color, shape, and flavor.  

GMO’s do not increase nutritional value in products because the food has been modified.  Modification actually lowers the nutritional value because the body is not able to adjust to the modification.

Disease resistance is when the seeds are modified to be able to withstand pesticides.  Then, the pesticides are sprayed upon the crops to increase the harvest.  However, those pesticides remain upon the products that you eat.  The side effects are cancer and the possibility of a person’s lips turning blue.

Color, shape, and flavor alter the ripeness of a product.  Since the modification is used to make the ripeness last longer, the body has to deal with products that are harder to digest.  As a result, obesity increases throughout the world.


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