Gnats Not So Harmless-Guess Again

Gnats got in my home when someone helped us take care of our cats. I think the canned food was left out too long. It just happened! I did find a way to get rid of most of them. I found a mouse sticky pad and I put it where i saw gnats. Now, I am hardly seeing any around. I cleaned areas twice or more times where I thought the problem started from.

Use common sense! I did not use good judgement today. Don’t make it your mistake as well.

My husband and I were eating dinner and I saw a gnat on my salad for a second if that. I waved my hand and it was gone, BUT I ate the salad. My husband thought the gnat was not on it long enough to hurt anything, Read this information and know more about gnats click here. They carry germs so be careful, and if you see a gnat on your food even for a second pitch it. 

Things of nature can be a beautiful and interesting thing to learn about, however, some thing in nature like gnats are not so beautiful. 


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Written by LaJenna

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  1. My parents doesn’t like to waste food so when an insect (not gnats though) fall into my bowl of soup, they’ll still ask me to finish it … :/
    if it’s dry food like bread and stuff, we’ll just peel off that part and eat the rest.

    • Think about people enjoying a picnic. They would have to throw all their food away if even so much as a gnat touched their food. Many people wave their hands past food on their area and still have eaten it, that i have witnessed. It is hard to say! Thank you for commenting!

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