GMO Rainforests in Brazil


Do you remember the Amazon rainforest fires from last year that lasted for about 3 months?  Well, did you know that the main company behind these fires was Monsanto?  Follow the timeline in Brazil.

First, the people of Brazil made a voting error when they voted for Jair Bolsanaro to be their President.  Once he became President of Brazil, he pretty much eliminated the environmental policies that protected the Amazon from man-made wildfires.

Why do Brazilians commit arson throughout the Amazon rainforest?  The deforestation is done to benefit loggers, who use the wood for profit, and to benefit the herders of livestock, who use the land for grazing after the forest has been cleared.

After the animals devour all of the land, farmers then use the land to grow soybeans.  Here’s where Monsanto comes in; Monsanto gives the farmers seeds that are resistant to pesticides.  Once the farmers begin to grow crops and begin to spray crops with pesticides, more of the rainforest is destroyed.

However, Monsanto has created a solution to keep the Amazon from becoming barren:  GMO rainforests.  In the video, Monsanto shows how they have gathered all of the seeds from the rainforest and genetically modified them.  Then, they plant the GMO seeds to replace the rainforests that were destroyed.  The GMO rainforests will then blend in with the rest of the Amazon.


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