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Former Brazilian footballer Ronaldo has been arrested

Former Brazilian footballer Ronaldo has been arrested in Paraguay, South America. Police official said , Ronaldo and his brother have been detained on charges of using a fake passport  and showing false documents for entry into the country on which he was arrested.

Authorities say Ronaldo and his brother are detained for questioning and their hotel was also searched while further investigations are ongoing. However, Ronaldo and his brother have denied all the charges. 

Last year, Ronaldo’s Brazilian and Spanish passports were confiscated for not paying taxes and paying fines. Earlier in 2015, Ronaldo and his brother were found illegally catching fish at the location of the Giuba, which the court fined the two brothers at $ 85 million.

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  1. I have seen this on the news. They have been released and found innocent. But you are talking about famous footballer Ronaldinho. Ronaldo is another Brazilian footballer, they are two different footballers. And now there is another football player called Ronaldo but he is from Portugal and his name is Cristiano Ronaldo.

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