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Facebook wants your blood now


Since Halloween is near, Facebook is now turning into a vampire.  Lean in because Facebook “wants to suck your blood!”  

Actually, there is a shortage of blood donations throughout the United States of America, so Facebook is now making access easier for people to donate their blood within the USA.  Facebook has created a blood donation tool on its website.

On the site, a person that wants to donate blood would click on this tool that is located in the Tools area.  After a person sends their information, Facebook would then connect that person with local hospitals or a local chapter of the American Red Cross in order to schedule an appointment for blood donation.  Obviously, I would not participate on this blood donation tool because I do not want to add my blood type to the information that Facebook has gathered about me.

Another scenario that has popped up with this blood donation tool has already become a problem in India.  The tool has become a conduit for a black market for blood donations in India.  In the blood donation tool in India, people can request to have blood donated to them.  As a result, people would then sell their own blood to those needing blood.

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