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Friday, 1.17.20

At 4 pm, I decided to go outside to my mailbox. I noticed it feels colder today. I decided to wear my old coat for the walking meetup at 6 pm. As I walked back to my townhouse, I saw a cute squirrel climbing my townhouse. I was staring at it and smiling, and he looked back at me, as if saying ‘What?’ 

 I remember it rained last night because I was lying down and watching TV, when I heard the rain outside, which was very soothing and relaxing. I had a feeling it would rain at night because Thursday was very cloudy but not too cold. The weather reports on the internet was off because they didn’t predict rain, or maybe at most 5% chance of rain. My guess was more accurate. 

As I drove to Woodbridge community, I noticed the traffic was terrible. No wonder there were a couple of car accidents in my area recently. But I noticed it is starting to get lighter outside. It was light at 5:15pm. 9 people showed up for the meetup. After walking for a while, I started to feel warm and sweaty. I ended up taking off my gloves. There were a couple of cute brown bunnies hopping around, but it was too dark to see the ducks and geese in the manmade lake.  I returned home at 8 pm. Today, I walked 4.9 miles and 11,786 steps. I continued my home remedies to massage my feet with different products, such as witch hazel, ACV, essential oil, and body butter, as well as with my electronic massager that I have had since the 90s. 


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