College Campus Walk

Tuesday, 2.11.20

I went to Spectrum Center around noon to check out something at Barnes & Noble. It was a nice day. It felt like spring. Then, I returned home. At around 4 pm, I put Gumby’s harness on him, which wasn’t easy. I took him outside for five minutes. He still isn’t comfortable on harness and leash yet because I rarely do it. He sniffed the green plants and grass, and he wanted to go on the dirt and bushes, as well as into other people’s carports. He still isn’t used to it. I walked to my mailbox, got my mail, and walked back. He was eager to go inside. He got used to indoor life.

Then, I got ready for the evening walking meetup, which is across the street at UCI campus. I decided to drive across the street since it is cold in the evenings. Around 18 people showed up. The campus was crowded. I walked 4.4 miles and 10,281 steps as well as 9 floors. (There were a lot to steps on the campus).  A couple of people hung out at the UTC for a while to eat a snack. I just ate my protein bar and water bottle. Then, I went home at 9 pm. 


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