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Friday, 5.25.18

I woke up early to take out the trash, before going back to bed. I drank a lot of coffee last night and I couldn’t sleep all night. The phone woke me up again, and a friend of the family sent me some photos on my iPhone to approve about a project. Then, I decided to make some vegan scrambled eggs and vegan sausages for breakfast as well as a cup of coffee. I went on a couple of errands, before returning home and working on retouching some pages.

Then, I realized that I needed to buy the InDesign software because I want to put together my graphic novel pages into a book format. But I am not sure which store to buy it from or which store has it. There is an art gallery reception tomorrow evening that I plan to attend and record a video. I might go early and drop by the mall, which is across the street from the art gallery. I should also check to see if UCI has it in their bookstore. While browsing on my Facebook page, I kept seeing adds for InDesign at Office Dept/Office Max. Maybe that is a sign. Spyware can be helpful at times because they hint to you possible places you might find something you are looking for. That is how I found my manual milk frother at Sur La Table store.

I went to the Woodbridge walking meetup early because I want to browse inside Barnes and Nobel. They don’t sell computer software programs. So, I decided to stop by at Sessions, a new deli, and buy a veggie sandwich, comprised mostly of cooked brussel sprouts, carrots, and other veggies, with yummy sauce in a crispy French roll. (I think it was a veggie Vietnamese sandwich). It was big and it looked really good. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a snapshot, even though I had my iPhone with me. It was filling, too. I ordered to go because I wanted to go outside to watch out for people from my group. It was a nice sunny day today, and many kids were playing in the courtyard.Around 12 showed up for today’s walking meetup. I suddenly realized I was wearing my old UGGs slipper-like shoes, in which aren’t meant for walking a lot because they are casual and comfy weekend shoes. I was tired quickly today, and I seemed to lag on the walk. But we only did 2 miles because the other people had other plans.

I returned home at 7:30 pm and made a cup of coffee.

I added an old photo from the Global Festival, in which I still had on my iPhone, since I lost all of my photos on my hard drive when I had to do System Recovery, which took me back to the default Windows 7 that came with my ASUS computer. I don’t feel like scanning any photos yet for my hard drive.


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