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Walking at Night

Tuesday, 3.3.20

Around noon, I walked to the post office to drop off some mail. The weather was nice and warm, in the 70s. While walking in my neighborhood, I took a snapshot of two neighbor cats sitting in their balcony. They look cute. I stayed home, working on stuff until 5 pm. Then, I decided to go to another walking meetup. It was a hilly residential area, in which I walked 5.6 miles, 11 floors, and 13,276 steps. We noticed a young coyote walking around looking for food. I feel sorry for it. It looks like a wildlife dog, living on the land. But I think it is too dangerous for it to be in a residential area. I hope it is safe and unharmed. It needs to be in some wildlife sanctuary. But I also hope all the brown rabbits and squirrels are safe, too. Most of the group went out to eat afterwards, but I didn’t feel like it. So, I came home. While getting myself a cold drink, I noticed on my fridge that I had an event on Monday morning, and I forgot about it. I checked on my calendar, and I noticed I forgot to write it on my calendar. If I had remembered to write it down on my calendar, I would have remembered to go. Oh, well…


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