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Common wood pigeon

Common wood pigeon (Columba palumbus) is one of the big family members.

The length of his body is 41-43 cm, the width of the wings is about 75 cm and the weight is 300 – 650 g. There is no marked sexual dimorphism, but the male is slightly larger and with a metallic sheen on the neck. Its plumage is bluish-gray with a white spot on both sides of the neck, and the throat and chest are reddish in color. The legs are red, the beak in a light color.

It is found across Europe and most of Asia. It inhabits the wooded areas.

Lives in different types of relatively rare forests, the food is looking for on the ground and the trees. Foods with grains, seeds of crops, fruits, young shoots, weeds and more.

Monogamous bird. It nests in trees.

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