Chinese man arrested for stealing data from Monsanto

Chinese national Haitao Xiang pleaded not guilty for stealing trade secrets from Monsanto.  He first became an employee with Monsanto in 2008.  He was caught in 2017 at an airport with a plane ticket to China along with software that he had stolen from Monsanto.  The software possessed data on how Monsanto created such high yields in agriculture.

This man should not have allowed for himself to be convinced by the Chinese government to spy on their behalf.  He worked for Monsanto for nine years, so he knows what Monsanto does.  Anyone that does not work at Monsanto knows how Monsanto has been having high yields for their past 100 years of the company’s existence.

It’s not really a secret.  Monsanto sprays crops to the gills with banned pesticides.  Add Haitao Xiang’s name to the world’s dumbest criminals.


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