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Bougainvillea ethereal flower

The bougainvilleas of the magnificence surprise: what most people think of as bright colorful colors are not quite colors, but bright leaves that conceal the non-transparent creamy colors.

This is my favorite clue. And I grow it on the terrace

The homeland of the burgens is the tall South American plate, where the French Admiral Louis Antoine de Bougainville (1729-1811) discovered this plant and transported it to Europe.

In nature, the bougainvillea is a liana, a bush, or even a tree. Its leaves are fresh green with almond-ovate form. The colors are yellowish-white, small, non-transparent. They are surrounded by brightly colored bracts, up to 6 cm long. It is the bracts that give the irrepressible beauty and charm of the bougainvillea.

Its leaves are bright green with almond-ovate form. Small cream flowers are wrapped in large, very thin, colorful tall leaves. They are in orange, carmine red, pink, cream and white.


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