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Blog: Day 2 of Arctic-Cold Temperatures in Chicago; ootd (outfit of the day); 365 Photos Challenge 93

We are now in to day 2 of our arctic-cold temperatures in Chicago. From the looks of the water not flowing down the drain in my tub I would imagine that the pipes are frozen somewhere. My only hope with that is that something gives, as we go into the weekend because I really would like to take another shower in the morning.


For some odd reason I cannot help but to associate arctic-cold temperatures with the movie ‘The Shining‘. That notorious scene with Jack Nicholson frozen in the snow pops up in my head every time when our temperatures drop, hehe. Great movie!

#ootd (outfit of the day)

I’m currently wearing two layers of pants, two layers of socks, a coat with a hoodie underneath, beanie, gloves, and neck gaiter.

  1. Coat by South Pole
  2. Jeans by  Old Navy
  3. Storm boots
  4. Gloves by Thinsulate

#PhotosChallenge (Humboldt Park) 365 Photos Challenge 93

I wanted to get out so that I could start my car and at least move it around the block. A drive around the block ended up being a drive towards Humboldt Park neighborhood just to see what businesses were open.  Enroute I encountered several businesses open, as well as people walking the streets and one guy on his bike, which tempted me but I held back from taking my bike out once I arrived back to my apartment. I expose my hands shortly to take this picture at Humboldt Park, and within seconds of them being exposed my hand got cold and turned red. Yes, this weather is no joke, but thankfully we get a taste of warm weather next week. With my birthday being on the nineteenth day of February I do remember always being able to get some sort of an outdoor workout in every single year, which I anticipate.

Photo shared as part of the 365 Photos Challenge.

#HumboldtPark #Chicago #ThomasGouard #Winter #PhotoADay #TheShining #SouthPole #Thinsulate #Birthday

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