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Black Knight Butterfly Bush Just for Fun Flora!

The botanical name is Buddleia davidii Black Knight.

I finally got what I have been wanting to get for my back yard. 

The pictures don’t do it justice, some I made into art. 

This plant emits a special honey-scented smell that attracts butterflies, bees, moths and even hummingbirds.

These plants grow up to 12 foot high.

They come in white, pink, purple and blue. 

They even come in bi-colors. 

The Buddleia Bicolor ranges from bluish to raspberry to bright orange. I would like to get one of those.

Although the colored ones are pretty, the white is one of the prettiest. It also is believed to attract more butterflies than the colored ones. 

I also got these perennials to go under the butterfly bush.


What do you think?


Written by Kim_Johnson

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    • Thank you Carol. I just replied to that post.
      It’s almost end of year sale time!! I always go back to the damaged wrack, sometimes there are great finds. Have you heard of seven sisters rose? That would be my pick for your garden.

      • I do the same to see what is leftover. I have not heard of that rose. But they are pink, right? I was looking for a different color. But they also look sort of like carnations in the photos I saw when I researched it. Big clusters of beauty. I have added that one to my list when I go out soon I hope to shop around.

        • Yes, they are a pale pink, they come out in clumps of seven, hence the name. It is a very old rose, closely related to the wild rose. It is a vine, and will cover anything you put it next to. It is my moms favorite rose, and one of mine. I just thought it would really look good with your plants, colors and style.

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