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Birds that live in my surroundings

Robin Biznis 7 November 2018, Belgrade

In addition to me live birds that are constantly and fly and winter in my surroundings.On the spring there are migratory birds such as Swallows and Storks.All of them together contribute to a better and beautiful life that takes place in my life. I like to spend the afternoon sitting in the chair for hours to watch the sky and the birds that fly. When I come out of the house in the courtyard, I hear the song of various bird species.I recognize one for sure, that’s the Woodpecker.First I hear that a duck sounds like a quack, quack.It looks like that to me.After that, he starts knocking into the tree with his strong beak.Then I slowly swim up to the great tree of the Walnut, and I watch it with a careful observation.If I do not scare him, he will soon begin to hit his tree with his beak.Almost all of us know him. But by reading the literature about this bird, I found out quite interesting facts.

They say it’s flying badly.His bones on the head are soft, because they would break from blows to the tree.

. He could achieve incredible speed: 25 times in one second!He is endowed with a strong beak and a long tongue that extracts food. He is long and firm, has a role of support as he stands on the tree. His eyes are fixed and blinking to the millisecond before knuckles into the tree, so that the chip does not fall into the eye. What nature has adapted to every existing species on earth!If you thought it was hitting a tree looking only for food, you made a mistake.There are two more reasons. Embracing the territory and he calls females of her kind.They live on all continents except Australia.They use the existing holes in the tree. If they do not have a hole in the nest tree itself.Like Squirrels, they keep food for the winter.

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We can make a bird feeder and help them through the winter.

I watched them from the vicinity several times, but I could not record them.Woodpecker quickly fly  as soon as I raise my hand.I enjoy watching their beauty of feathers.


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  1. We have these beauties as well. All birds are challenging to capture photos of. I have my tripod setup in my living room now to catch some pics at the deck feeder.