Answers to the Psychology Test – 4

This is the Fourth Part of Answers to the Psychology Test found here.

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Question 8.

You continue walking and see a stream about five feet wide and two feet deep. In the distance to your right you see a bridge and to your left, about 100 yards away, a flat stone in the middle of the stream, what do you do?

The image of rushing water is often used to symbolise interaction with others and/or emergence in life.

There are people who ‘plunge’ into life, they can see a crowded room and ‘dive’ in.  There are others who don’t like crowds and will turn away.

There are people who will avoid interaction at all costs.

If you walk across the stream that evidences your immersion in life.   If you see it the stream, and try to leap across it, that shows your attempt to avoid interaction, to stay out of the population, out of involvement.

If you walk to the bridge, you play it safe at all times.   If you go to the stone, you are one who will take measured risks.

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